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Looking for a dentist, orthodontis, dental surgeon, oral surgeon, periodontist or a tooth fairy? Consult the Spotlitz Business Directory and watch their videos.

When it comes oral health, you’ll find dentists, orthodontists, dental surgeons, oral surgeons and periodontists on the Spotlitz Business Directory. Dentists are specialists qualified to treat diseases and conditions that affect the teeth, such as cavities, worn enamel, fillings, fractured teeth, root canals, tooth replacement, dentures and more.

Whether you have tooth decay, a broken tooth or gum disease, dentists and oral surgeons are there to help. Dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists can help with teeth cleaning, tooth sensitivity, tooth erosion, toothaches and dental emergencies. In extreme cases, a dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction and other dental issues.

When you need a dentist or an oral surgeon for issues with your teeth, consult the Spotlitz Business Directory and learn about their businesses.

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