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Welcome to the Spotlitz Business Directory, an advertising resource directory offering searchable business category listings and contact information for businesses currently in VA, DC, MD, SC, NC and FL. Spotlitz (pronounced Spotlights) provides visitors with all the information they need to get to know a business.

The Spotlitz Business Advertising Directory provides customers and searchers with business contact information, a location map, in many cases business videos, website links, links to join a businesses social media channels, redeemable coupons, blogs articles and much more. Business information is conveniently packaged into a one-page business listing or micro-site for quick access. Spotlitz is an online library for the public, consumers, local buyers and for the businesses themselves.

Spotlitz.com – Advertising and Promoting Businesses in VA and SC

Spotlitz is free to the public and to viewers. When you need a local restaurants, lawyers, builders, dentists, auto services, home repair, business professionals and much more you may find it on Spotlitz.com.

The Spotlitz Business Directory provides numerous business in the following key  categories to include, Automotive, Business & Professional, Consumer Products & Services, Food and Beverage, Home Services & Contractors, Health, Industrial/Commercial and Organizations. You can search directly from the HOME PAGE or you can select a main business category and find a participating business there. We hope you enjoy the Spotlitz Business and Advertising Directory.

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