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Welcome to the Spotlitz Business Directory in VA with listings to businesses, business videos, redeemable coupons and discounts, business contact information for the public, consumers and local area buyers.

What makes Spotlitz so unique is that all of the businesses on the Spotlitz Business Directory have included a business video to describe their products and services. Spotlitz is the only local business directory that features business video as the main ingredient to educate consumers and spotlight business products and services.

Watch videos for local restaurants, lawyers, builders, dentists, auto services, home repair, business professionals and much more to aid in your choice of a local business.

The Spotlitz Business Directory is easy to use. You can search directly from the HOME PAGE using our quick search feature or you can select a main business category below, select the specific type of business you are looking for, then click the business names to access their video and contact information pages.

Research new businesses, watch their videos, access and redeem coupons and discounts and work with great businesses local to you. Enjoy Spotlitz!

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