Fairfax, VA


Join Our Team of Videographers

Welcome to NetworkVideo, LLC.

NetworkVideo LLC has developed a unique Business Directory called Spotlitz.com. Spotlitz.com is found through web searches and consumers can access Spotlitz™ for coupons and discounts and to learn more about local businesses.

Through Spotlitz, local businesses can tell their story through video to promote their products and services. Businesses offer consumers coupons and product discounts, an informative business video, their contact information, a maps and directions, links to social media and opportunities for sharing.

We are seeking 1099 Videography Contractors to do video shoots for our business clients. Videographers may be contracted to shoot one or more business videos per a day.

To be considered for video projects, please complete the form below. We will email you specific information about our business, pay scale policy and a non-disclosure agreement. Thank you.